Notion – All In One Workspace

Notion – All In One Workspace

Notion is a fairly new kid on the block – and is growing fast!

I started looking into Notion about 18 months ago when I was in need of a project management tool for a new team I’ve put together. I needed a tool that allows good communication with team members and provides a good workflow engine.

Notion isn’t really a dedicated Project Management Tool, but it can be set up to do most what far more expensive project management tools do. Because it isn’t as restrictive, it gives you the space to create your own processes and flows and to adjust them as your team gets better at some tasks or grows in numbers.

Notion promises to be many tools in one, replacing Evernote, Trello, Todoist and Dropbox Paper. I think it does a good job so far, but it still needs to go a long way before I will give up any of the other tools mentioned and fully integrate with Notion.

It can’t really replace Evernote or TodoIst for me. Those tools are far more advanced in their area and notion really only covers the surface. I can’t give up Evernote that easily as I have invested far too much. I have so many notes collected over the years that it would take me forever to port that over. Also, TodoIst will not be replaced quickly, as it manages tasks from all my projects, including my personal stuff.

But if you don’t use dedicated notes apps or task managers, Notion is a good way in. Also in combination with Dropbox Paper and Dropbox itself, it does a really good job.

Even if your consists just of you at this stage, it is a great tool to use and get organized. To start, they offer a free version without time limit, but limited space for your documents. This is a great way to start. Prepare for a learning curve. It works very differently from most other tools.

There is a lot of content on YouTube to learn from. It’s not a huge step once you get your head around it. But the possibilities are endless.

Notion is quite young yet and still a bit rough around the edges. I also struggle a bit with their priority list for future development. They already implemented dark-mode, but are still not working on the internationalization of dates, etc. I find this far more important. Not everybody is in the United States!

However, it works well on mobile devices (besides their table views), is fast enough to be useful, and their team seems to be responsive (1-2 working days).

I believe it is something to keep an eye on and I will report back here if anything major changes.

Check out their website for all the details and explore for yourself:

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